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  • Shielding soundproof testing cabinet
  • Shielding soundproof testing cabinet
  • Shielding soundproof testing cabinet
名称: Shielding soundproof testing cabinet
分类: 隔音箱/静音箱

Sound insulation performance reference standard: GB3096-2008 acoustic environment quality standard. Features are as follows:

1. The voice cut-off frequency range of soundproof box are 200Hz-20KHz, sound insulation performance reference value: 200Hz 20dB, 1KHz 40dB, 10KHz 50dB.

2. When the ambient noise is around 50-70dB, the background noise in the cabinet is 30-35dB, and when the internal noise is 120dB, external radius of one meter measurable value <75dB.

3. Soundproof box is equipped with LED lights and switches, cooling ventilation device, and switch socket.

4. The internal backplane reserves various interfaces like audio, communication, air intake and so on.

5. The bottom of the soundproof box is strengthened and the load is more than 150KG.

6. The overall structure is firm and stable. The tested product above the bottom of the box, its carrier board is suspended on the soundproof layer of the cabinet bottom board. There is a gap of more than 10MM. The four supporting pieces supporting the bearing plate use special shock absorbers to prevent low-frequency resonance.

7. The noise-proof and sound-absorbing material meets the requirements of environmental protection without excessive pungent or odor.

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