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名称: Soundproof room
分类: 隔音箱/静音箱

Reference standard: GB3096-2008 Acoustic Environmental Quality Standard.

The cut-off frequency of sound: 200HZ-20KHZ.

Noise reduction effect: 20~55dB.

The whole soundproof room is a frame combined structure with a wall thickness of 100-300mm. The overall structure is strong and beautiful, and the screw holes are built-in.

All the soundproof walls are made of 2.0mm thick galvanized steel outside.

The wall sandwiching of soundproof room is selected from the self-developed composite sound-absorbing and sound-insulating layer.

The surface of the soundproof room wall is made of GB 5×5×1.0mm thick galvanized mesh plate.

The external surface of the sound-insulated wall is electrostatic powder coating, with a high temperature of 220°C. The surface is wear-resistant, anti-aging and scratch-resistant.

A low-noise, high-power exhaust fan is installed at the top of the soundproof room to maintain a uniform temperature inside the soundproof room.

The soundproof room is equipped with eco-friendly tri-proof fluorescent lamp, internal security power supply, power distribution control switch sockets and so on.

For the pipeline soundproof room, refer to the following parameters:

1. When the noise outside the noise inspection room85dBA, noise inside the noise inspection room60 dB;(Noise bandwidth of the site is distributed in the 125Hz-1000Hz)

Don’t include the outside stridulating sound (sharp sounds like friction for dragging iron box on the metal floors, etc.)

The noise chamber adopts a frame structure as a whole.

2. Adopt separate air inlet and outlet modes, silent fans and motors. Silencer passages and elbows are additionally provided.

3. The use of silent lighting fixtures, lighting noise is generally not more than 30dB (A), the maximum is 35 dB (A).

4. The air-conditioning noise must not exceed 46 dB(A) (it is best to use an air-conditioner with low noise).

5. The import and export adopt dual-channel silence design. Channels install silent channels along the assembly line (includes sound insulation and sound-absorbing material, the outside adopts 2.0mm steel plate, and the inside adopts 1.0mm galvanized mesh steel plate); two door curtains in good soft materials are installed inside the channel, the curtains can be easily installed and replaced. The sound insulation partition is installed on the lower side of the channel; the channel is set on the inner side of the wall and the length is 200mm; the automatic closing door is set on the channel (outside of the wall), it will automatically open when the workpiece flows in, and it will be automatically closed when the noise is checked; the photoelectric sensor security switch is set outside the channel.

6. The noise chamber body is designed with a soundproof wall. The frame uses a 100*100*5mm square tube. The soundproof wall is filled with glass fiber, the outer side is 2.0mm steel plate, and the inner side is 1.0mm galvanized mesh steel plate; the glass fiber filled inside should be divided into blocks, flat and do not fall, bulging, slack, tilt, and the reinforcement is for fixing. Stiffeners are made of galvanized steel mesh. The noise chamber body is fixed on the top of the rubber cushion, and the outer side of the rubber cushion is protected by 2mm thick steel plate; the square pipe is well connected, the bolts are tightly connected, no looseness, firmness, no tilt and shaking, and the connection parts are tight, firm and seamless; Wall and other parts do a good job of anti-rust measures (Surface coating process); noise room wall thickness 150mm

7. The underside floor of noise room adopts suspension rubber washer, the keel and blockboard are used in the middle, the high-quality sound-absorbing soft floor is used in the upper part, and the high-quality flame-retardant and sound-absorbing wire loop carpet are used on the floor; the carpet can be removed for cleaning.

8. The entrance and exit doors for noise room personnel are available with sliding doors and side opening doors.


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